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About Us

Pawpins may be the new small pet business on the block, but there is no shortage of experience and passion for pets here!

Get to know Elle

The owner and pet care enthusiast, Elle Greenberg, has been pet sitting and dog walking professionally for close to 11 years. You may have seen her around town doting on and tending to her much-loved “clients.”

Elle started working with animals at the SPCA of Anne Arundel County in Annapolis, MD. Once she moved to Alexandria, she worked for VCA Alexandria Animal hospital for three years assisting with everything from preventative care to critical care, before finding her love for getting to know pets in their natural habitat–at home. Elle believes in providing the best possible care for pets and is ready for any “hairy situation.” She will go to great lengths to win the hearts of your furry children and see that they are well cared for and pampered. Elle is certified in Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR, and Pawpins Pet Services is licensed and bonded. So you can have the peace of mind of knowing you, your pet, and your home are covered.

Elle has a cat and dog at home, Irvin and Greta respectively, who she considers family (and Pawpins’ mascots!). She is also a potter and volunteers at the Art League School in Old Town. She has sold her work at Art on the Avenue since 2019.


Q: What if you have an emergency and can’t get to my pet?

A: In the event an emergency comes up, Elle has three pet-approved and highly trusted volunteers to fill in at a moment’s notice. Since this is a new company, we are starting as a team of one, but have full intentions of growing with your help, trust, and support.

Q: How do you handle an emergency if my pet is ill or in distress?

A: If your pet is in distress we will get them on the road to get care immediately and call you on the way. If it’s something that can wait, we will loop you in as soon as we notice something is off. Elle is trained in Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR, so if something can be done before transport to the vet, she will certainly do whatever takes priority.

Q: What is Pawpins’ behavioral approach with animals?

A: We do everything we can to read the cues a pet is giving us. We are very sensitive to not using any fear tactics or dominant behavior that will cause fear or increase a fear level your pet may already be experiencing. Our number one goal is to establish trust and a good rapport with all animals in our care.

Pawpins uses a Fear Free approach with all pets, meeting them where they are, reading their body language, and acting appropriately for each individual pet.

Peter C.

"I’ve known Elle for about ten years. Over the past decade or so, Elle walked, visited, and cared for two of my dogs, both young female boxers with special needs and health problems. Elle treated my dogs with great care, kindness, and understanding. She took time to earn each dog’s trust and love."
Peter C.

Jill G.

“Elle is hands-down the best pet-sitter I’ve ever had. Over the years she’s taken care of several of my much-loved cats; treating each one as an individual. She pays close attention to their quirks and always finds a way to meet their often highly specific demands. For example, one of my cats likes to play in the shower; Elle was on it, no questions asked. Elle also saved the day when one of my cats was gravely ill. She recognized something was wrong immediately and rushed him to the vet where he received life-saving surgery.”
Jill G.

Sara M.

“I’m so grateful for all Elle has done to keep my cats happy and healthy while I’ve been away. In fact, whenever I return, my cats never snub and/or punish me for leaving, which I think speaks to what an exceptional sitter she is.

Behind all of this, of course, is that Elle is a sincere and compassionate person. There is no one I trust more to take care of my pets.”
Sara M.