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Services & Pricing

We will give your furry children a staycation while you’re away, a playdate, or an afternoon stroll. 

Cat Sitting

We know that no two cats are the same. Introverted, extroverted, and everything in between; whatever they want, we will do our best to please them and win them over. We speak “cat” pretty well! Services includes general care, playtime, cuddling, and of course, lively conversation. We are able to give a variety of medications as well. Mail will be collected, plants will be watered if requested, lights, stereo/tv, shades/curtains, or anything else can be adjusted to meet your kitties’ needs and preferences, and to make your home appear occupied while you’re away.

Cat Pawp-in

$30 per 20 min visit

Dog Walking

Our goal is to be your dog’s favorite human outside of their family unit. Service includes walking, frolicking, playtime, cuddling, and engaging conversation. We are happy to reinforce commands and training that your pup is accustomed to. Feeding, snack time or treats, and water refill are included in this service. We are also happy to accommodate specific requests.

Pup Pawp-in

$30 per 20 min walk

Monthly Pup Pawp-in Package

$25 per 20 min walk (Regular M-F weekly dog walks)

Monthly Pup Pawp-in Package

Regular Mon-Fri weekly dog walks $25/20 min walks + $7/each additional 10 min if you wish to extend visit length.

20 Minute Walks

$500 / 20 weekday walks a month

30 Minute Walks

$640 / 20 weekday walks a month

Pet Chariot

We can give your feline or canine child a ride to or from the vet. And if they need moral support, we are happy to stay and be their emotional support human.

One-Way Trips

$30 for drop-offs and pick-ups to vet or groomers

Round Trips

$60 for drop-offs and pick-ups to vet or groomers

Wait Time

$40/hour wait time if you opt for us to accompany your pet for entire vet visit

Your Pet’s Personal Shopper

While you’re away, we are happy to pick up pet supplies. We can’t have our kiddos running out of snacks or other necessities, after all!

Shopping Trip

$30 per store run + cost of items purchased

House Sitting

If you are away on extended travel, we can certainly Pawp-in to alternate lights, collect mail, empty dehumidifiers, water plants, and are happy to provide other home-specific needs.

House Sitting

$30 per visit

Additional Fees